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Taking into account the rapid pace of life in the modernization of small cities, the importance of organizing the process of raising children in the premises of preschool educational organizations, as well as the object of design as an element of a multifunctional complex, includes its transformation as an element of a multifunctional complex, in a complex volumetric and functional In the architectural design of a preschool educational organization, funk-rational and planning requirements are taken into account mainly the formation and development of the structure of buildings.


small cities preschool organizations an element of a multifunctional complex the equipment of buildings and internal inte'er solutions funk-rational and planning requirements

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Khosiyat, T., & Marjona, K. (2023). Modernizing the Buildings of Preschool Educational Organizations and Organizing an Architectural Environment in Small Urban Areas. CENTRAL ASIAN JOURNAL OF ARTS AND DESIGN, 4(11), 38-42. Retrieved from


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