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CENTRAL ASIAN JOURNAL OF ARTS AND DESIGN (ISSN: 2660-6844) provides an international forum for research in the field of art and design education. It is the primary source for the dissemination of independently refereed articles about the visual arts, creativity, crafts, design, and art history, in all aspects, phases, and types of educational contexts and learning situations. The journal welcomes articles from a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches to research and encourages submissions from the broader fields of education and the arts that are concerned with learning through art and creative education. We welcome articles on the topic of decorative and fine arts, moreover, architecture, and construction.

Vol 4 No 1 (2023): CAJAD

Published: Jan 11, 2023

Использование Инновационных Технологий На Занятиях По «Эстрадному Вокалу»

1-4 Айниса Юлдашева, Айниса Юлдашева
Read Statistic: 8

About the Research Plan of Torob Tepa Archaeological Monument

5-9 Rabiyev Gayrat Botirovich
Read Statistic: 3

Use of New Interactive Methods in Learning Songs in Secondary Schools

10-14 Akhmedov Bakhodir Sayfiddinovich
Read Statistic: 4

Education of Ethics in Fine Arts

15-18 Mambetkadirov Gayratbay Amanbaevich, Sarsenova Gulnur Sarsenovna
Read Statistic: 2

Development of Creative Skills of Students

19-21 Utepov Kalbay Ibraymovish
Read Statistic: 4

Типы И Классификация Музеев

22-25 Калонова Юлдуз Машрафовна
Read Statistic: 17

Развите Материалов В Современном Искусстве

26-28 Varazdat Minasyan
Read Statistic: 2

Modern Approaches to Piano Teaching in Uzbekistan

29-32 Kabdurakhmanova Luiza Bakhtiyorovna
Read Statistic: 0

Music by Uzbek Mumtaz Shashmaqom

33-36 Rasulov Marufjon, S. M. Begmatov
Read Statistic: 0

Гармоничность Западных И Восточных Традиций В Образовательном Процессе

37-39 Нўмонов Истиқбол Иқболжонович, Нўмонов Истиқбол Иқболжонович
Read Statistic: 0
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